Reasonable Adjustments

Every effort is made to cater for candidates with disabilities and/or special needs. The Solicitors Regulation Authority Day One Outcomes are competence standards. These are the standards which all candidates must achieve to demonstrate their ability to practise. All candidates must be assessed against the competence standards, but reasonable adjustments will be made to the way the standards are assessed to ensure that candidates are not disadvantaged as a result of a disability and/or special need.

Candidates requesting reasonable adjustments to assessment arrangements to accommodate disabilities and/or special needs should submit their requests and medical and/or other relevant supporting evidence as soon as possible. Some more complex adjustments may take a considerable time to discuss and then put in place.

For pre-existing conditions, we would ask that the request and supporting evidence is provided when registering for the MCT or booking for the OSCE. In order to allow adequate time to make the adjustments required, the latest such requests and supporting evidence should be provided is the registration deadline for the MCT or the booking deadline for the OSCE.

Where a disability and/or special need arises after the registration deadline for the MCT or the booking deadline for the OSCE or where it is not possible to provide evidence by the relevant deadline, every effort will be made to accommodate the candidate concerned. However, if candidates contact us very close to the exam we may not be able to assist them.

Details of our policy are given in the Kaplan QLTS Policy for Establishing Alternative Assessment Arrangements for Candidates with Disabilities and Special Needs.

Any queries about reasonable adjustments should be emailed to the Assessments Department Kaplan QLTS at: