Kaplan QLTS is the sole authorised assessment provider for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) of assessments under The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS). This website enables to you to find out about the QLTS assessment and, if you are eligible, to book a place on that assessment.

QLTS provides a route for lawyers from other recognised jurisdictions, and barristers from England and Wales to qualify as solicitors of England and Wales.

Updated 7th January 2021 - COVID-19 Update for MCT assessment candidates

Recent developments both in the United Kingdom and around the world connected with the escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in unprecedented uncertainty for our candidates, particularly those who have bookings for the MCT assessment due to take place on 13th January 2021.

We have now reviewed the position as fully as possible in the light of the current information, although the situation is constantly evolving worldwide.

1. Kaplan QLTS MCT Assessment 13th January 2021

The assessment will proceed in countries and territories where it is permitted to do so.

2. Cancellation of testing in response to government action

Where acts of government mean that Pearson VUE centres are required to close in countries or territories around the world, you will be notified initially by Pearson VUE and a full refund will be provided. Pearson VUE will provide you with a site closure “case number” by email which you must quote to their customer services team in order to process for you a full refund of the fee. Their customer services number is +44 161 855 7584.

3. Candidates who now wish to cancel their January 2021 MCT assessment

We recognise that some candidates may not be able to attend, or would not feel comfortable travelling to and attending, the January sitting of the exam due to the impact of the COVID-19. Any candidates who now wish to cancel their bookings, notwithstanding the continued availability of testing in the country or territory in which they have booked assessment, should cancel their booking by contacting Pearson VUE Customer Services team on +44 161 855 7584 or by email at kaplanqltscustomerservice@pearson.com. A full refund of the assessment fee will be provided in these circumstances. Candidates are unable to withdraw and obtain a full refund via the Pearson VUE portal, therefore you must call Pearson VUE’s customer services number in the first instance. Please note that Pearson VUE staff are unable to accept bank details by email.

Candidates who were booked to undertake the assessment with the benefit of exemptions granted by the SRA or who had agreed reasonable adjustments for the assessment should not contact Pearson VUE. Instead, please contact ourselves by email at qlts@kaplan.com. Please use the subject line: MCT cancellation/Exemption/Reasonable Adjustment.


The process of making full refunds requires manual processing to override the imposition of the withdrawal charges which would otherwise apply under the Standard Terms and Conditions. The process is therefore time-consuming. We request your patience in awaiting your refund.

In order to enable staff to process your refund, we will be prioritising this activity and we will not be able to respond to telephone enquiries at this time.

5. Future MCT assessments

At present, candidates whose assessments are cancelled will need to book for the July 2021 MCT in due course, subject to the availability of places. Candidates should follow the normal process explained on our website.

We sincerely regret the disruption and uncertainty of recent weeks caused by the escalation of the pandemic in the UK and elsewhere. We understand that any cancellations, however arising, will be a cause of disappointment for candidates. We will aim to assist candidates with any queries where we can, as outlined above.

  • Booking for QLTS Assessments – upcoming deadlines

    You are advised to book early to secure a place on all QLTS assessments, and in any case well before the booking deadline. Places are limited and candidates who wait until close to the booking deadline risk finding that the assessment is already full. Payment must be made in full to secure a booking.

    January 2021 MCT – Booking with Kaplan QLTS Deadline: 17:00 UK Time on 10th November 2020.
    January 2021 MCT – Booking with Pearson VUE Deadline: 17:00 UK Time on 2nd December 2020.

    April 2021 OSCE – Booking with Kaplan QLTS Deadline: 17:00 UK Time on 8th March 2021.

    Candidates must have registered with Kaplan QLTS by the registration deadline in order to be able to book a place on the MCT.

    Please note bookings for QLTS exams are not finalised until full payment has been made.

  • Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) Transitional Arrangements

    The SQE will be introduced on 1st September 2021, replacing the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS). More information on the SQE can be found on the SRA website.

    It is in the public interest for SQE to be introduced without unnecessary delay. However, it is recognised that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected candidates’ ability to sit QLTS assessments. The SRA have therefore reviewed their transitional arrangements for QLTS candidates who will have passed the multiple choice test (MCT) before 1 September 2021. These candidates will now be able to complete their qualifications and apply for admission EITHER by sitting and passing the OSCE OR by sitting and passing SQE2.

    If you have been granted a full exemption from the whole MCT, you will not fall within the transitional arrangements for the QLTS. However, in light of the impact of the pandemic, the SRA are introducing a waiver from their requirement to have applied for admission before 1 September 2021, thereby allowing those with the MCT exemption to take the July 2021 OSCE, subject to availability.

    More details on all of the amendments to the transitional arrangements can be found on the SRA website.

  • Breaches of Assessment Regulations

    All candidates for QLTS assessments are required to acknowledge that the content of each assessment is confidential and that they will not disclose or discuss any of the content to any other party. It has come to our attention that candidates are breaching this regulation and thereby committing an assessment offence by discussing past assessments with Training Providers. Please note that the SRA regard any deliberate assessment offence as a potential character and suitability issue which could lead to a candidate being refused admission as a solicitor of England and Wales. If you are asked by a Training Provider or anybody else to provide information about QLTS assessments you have sat we would ask that you report this matter to both Kaplan and the SRA for investigation.

  • Kaplan QLTS Communications Update

    Due to remote working we have been unable to receive any hard copy post since 20th March 2020.

    All communications to Kaplan QLTS will need to be done via email at qlts@kaplan.com.

  • Coronavirus Legislation - January 2021 MCT and April 2021 OSCE

    In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the governments of England and Wales have introduced primary and secondary legislation which amends or relaxes existing legislation.

    Candidates will NOT be assessed on any change to the law of England or Wales nor on the content of any other legal notices introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic in the January 2021 MCT or the April 2021 OSCE. Assessment scenarios and characters in them should be treated as being unaffected by the coronavirus.

    Due to the changing nature of such legislation and the potential for further changes prior to the January and April 2021 assessments, it is not possible to provide a definitive list of coronavirus legislation but further information is available at http://www.legislation.gov.uk/coronavirus

  • Training & Kaplan QLTS

    Kaplan is the authorised assessment provider for the SRA and accordingly Kaplan is not authorised to provide training courses preparing candidates to attempt the QLTS. Kaplan has recently become aware some candidates have been contacted by an entity purporting to be Kaplan QLTS offering training courses. Such person(s) are not associated with Kaplan. Both the SRA and Kaplan would ask candidates to refer all such communications to them for investigation.

  • EU Referendum

    The Solicitors Regulation Authority will require solicitors of England and Wales to continue to have a working knowledge of EU law in order to be able to advise clients in the short and medium term. Until specifically stated otherwise, QLTS candidates will be assessed on EU law as set out in SRA Day One Outcome A1.