Kaplan QLTS is the sole authorised assessment provider for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) of assessments under The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS). This website enables to you to find out about the QLTS assessment and, if you are eligible, to book a place on that assessment.

QLTS provides a route for lawyers from other recognised jurisdictions, and barristers from England and Wales to qualify as solicitors of England and Wales.

QLTS and what to expect on assessment days:

EU Referendum: November 2018 OSCE and January 2019 MCT

Unless otherwise stated in advance, candidates taking the QLTS assessments are assessed on the law in force at the time of the assessment. We do not anticipate any changes to UK law resulting from the June 2016 referendum to be in force before the November 2018 OSCE and January 2019 MCT. In the unlikely event that such changes are introduced sooner than expected or without warning, Kaplan QLTS will seek to ensure that candidates are not disadvantaged.

Training & Kaplan QLTS

Kaplan is the authorised assessment provider for the SRA and accordingly Kaplan is not authorised to provide training courses preparing candidates to attempt the QLTS. Kaplan has recently become aware some candidates have been contacted by an entity purporting to be Kaplan QLTS offering training courses. Such person(s) are not associated with Kaplan. Both the SRA and Kaplan would ask candidates to refer all such communications to them for investigation.

Important – Upcoming Deadlines

OSCE – Booking with Kaplan QLTS Deadline: 17:00 UK Time on 26th March 2019.

Please note bookings for QLTS exams are not finalised until full payment has been made.

Booking for QLTS assessments

You are advised to book early to secure a place on all QLTS assessments, and in any case well before the booking deadline. Places are limited and candidates who wait until close to the booking deadline risk finding that the assessment is already full. Payment must be made in full to secure a booking.

Breaches of Assessment Regulations

All candidates for QLTS assessments are required to acknowledge that the content of each assessment is confidential and that they will not disclose or discuss any of the content to any other party. It has come to our attention that candidates are breaching this regulation and thereby committing an assessment offence by discussing past assessments with Training Providers. Please note that the SRA regard any deliberate assessment offence as a potential character and suitability issue which could lead to a candidate being refused admission as a solicitor of England and Wales. If you are asked by a Training Provider or anybody else to provide information about QLTS assessments you have sat we would ask that you report this matter to both Kaplan and the SRA for investigation.