Kaplan QLTS was the sole authorised assessment provider for the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) of assessments under The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS).

QLTS provided a route for lawyers from other recognised jurisdictions, and barristers from England and Wales to qualify as solicitors of England and Wales. The final QLTS assessment took place in March/April 2022. The QLTS is no longer operational and has been replaced by the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE).

For further details of QLTS please see:

Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) Transitional Arrangements - Update and Extension

The SQE was introduced on 1st September 2021, replacing the QLTS. More information on the SQE can be found on the SQE website.

The SRA recognised that the Covid-19 pandemic has affected candidates’ ability to sit QLTS assessments. The SRA therefore reviewed their transitional arrangements for QLTS candidates who passed the multiple choice test (MCT) before 1 September 2021. These candidates are able to complete their qualifications and apply for admission either by sitting and passing the OSCE (subject to the final QLTS OSCE having been in April 2022) OR by sitting and passing SQE2.

Candidates that have passed the QLTS MCT and OSCE

If you passed the QLTS MCT and passed the QLTS OSCE at any assessment up to and including the November 2021 assessment, you must have applied to the SRA for admission as a solicitor by 31 August 2022 (inclusive). Find out more.

Candidates who passed the April 2022 OSCE had until 31 January 2023 to apply for admission provided they met the conditions of the SRA Waiver. Find out more.

Candidates that have passed the QLTS MCT and take and pass SQE2

If you have passed the QLTS MCT you could take the SQE2 as an alternative to the QLTS OSCE. The last opportunity to have booked SQE2 as an alternative to the QLTS OSCE has now passed as the booking period for the October 2023 SQE2 has closed.

If you pass or have passed the QLTS MCT and SQE2 you have until 31 March 2024 (inclusive) to apply to the SRA to become a solicitor. Results for candidates taking the October SQE2 will be released on 20 February Find out more.

More details on all of the amendments to the transitional arrangements can be found on the SRA website.

Taking the SQE

If you do want to qualify as a solicitor using the SQE, please see the SQE website for more information. There is also information on exemptions that may be available.

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