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The Assessment

The QLTS assessment comprises 2 parts, a Multiple Choice Test (MCT) and an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). In order to pass the QLTS assessment, candidates must pass both the MCT and the OSCE. Candidates must pass the MCT before enrolling for the OSCE.

Candidates should be aware that a "Fit to Sit" Policy is in operation for all assessments. Essentially by attending an assessment candidates are certifying themselves as being fit to sit it and they are required to sign a form to this effect at the beginning of each assessment. Details of the Fit to Sit Policy are in the Assessment Regulations.

Unless otherwise stated in advance candidates are assessed on the law in force at the time of the assessment.

Transitional Provisions

In January 2014 the old OSCE and the TLST were combined into a single assessment known as the OSCE. The webpages that follow describe the modified assessment. If you sat at least 1 of the QLTS assessments before January 2014 and passed that assessment, transitional provisions will apply to you.

Candidates who passed the MCT before January 2014 but not the old OSCE or the TLST are required to sit the new OSCE in its entirety (Parts 1 and 2). See the OSCE. They will pay the fee for the new OSCE.

Candidates who passed the MCT and either the old OSCE or the old TLST but not both will be allowed to exhaust their entitlement to 3 attempts during the 5 year validity period of their current Certificate of Eligibility by sitting either the OSCE Part 1 or OSCE Part 2 alone. See the OSCE. They will pay the fee for the old OSCE or the old TLST, as appropriate, only. If they are still unsuccessful thereafter they will have to sit the OSCE as a whole. They will not be required to re-take the MCT.